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Best Fire Rated Door Installation by Us!

Although fire-rated doors can assist slow or stopping the spread of fire and smoke, they are not intended to be fireproof. These doors will eventually burn through a fire since they are made of combustible materials. But we have the world’s best glass items that will withstand far beyond the normal range of other fire glass. To slow the fire for a predetermined amount of time, they will resist the penetration of heat and flames.

Additionally, our fire-rated glass provides you more time to leave the building by keeping the fire and smoke contained.

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Do You Need a Fire-Rated Door?

A door's fire rating does not always reflect how long it will withstand a fire. A fire door that is certified for 60 minutes does not always mean that the door will withstand fire for 60 minutes. The rating indicates how long a brand-new door lasted in a carefully supervised test setting. However, additional elements, such as heat intensity, could significantly lower this estimate in a practical application. A fire-rated door is intended to stop a fire from spreading from one room to another. And we are determined with providing our dear customers like you with the best fire-rated glass installation for your new property premises.

Can Glass Doors Be Fire-Rated?

Yes, we provide a variety of fire-rated glass door solutions to elevate the design of a room, increase visibility, and adhere to strict fire and life-safety standards. In these assemblies, the fire-certified glass collaborates with a door and lite kit, frame, and hardware that are adequately rated to offer the level of security required by the code.

There are already glass door assemblies with fire ratings ranging from 20 to 90 minutes. They can accommodate full-lite fire-rated glass with colour and surface quality equivalent to regular window glass. Modern fire-rated glass doors protect against the spread of fire while acting as a regular passageway for occupants, promoting good visibility and wayfinding. So for reliable and most reasonable fire-rated door repair & replacement services, hire our professionals who will take care of your nest door installation project.