Residential Glass Repair Calgary

Are you seeking to revamp your Calgary Residential space, which will transform it into a more vibrant one and boost the value of your home? Get in touch with us for your residential glass repair in Calgary or nearby areas.

Our Residential Glass Repair Includes


Window Glass

We offer the best window glass repair and replacement services to homeowners in & around Calgary:

  • Replacement or repair of window and door glass

Glass Railing

We offer quality, affordable Glass Railing installations in Calgary and surrounding areas.

  • Inefficient or cloudy insulated units

Custom Glass

We offer the best custom glass repair and replacement services in & around Calgary.

  • Storm doors with chips or cracks, or single-pane windows

Shower Doors

We offer elegant designs for shower doors to homeowners in Calgary and surrounding areas. Get a free estimate.

  • Broken Residential glass repair doors

Shower Mirrors

We offer affordable shower mirror repair and replacement services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

  • A failed seal

Table Tops

We offer stylish glass tabletops to residents in and around Calgary.

  • Custom-made framed and cut mirrors

Enhance the Vibrancy of your Residential Space

Great Choice Glass offers exceptional Glass repair services by using high-grade quality material and increasing the overall vibrancy of space aesthetically and functionally. Let your residential space speak and represent your unique style and personality. We offer a versatile range of residential glass repair and replacement solutions at amazing rates. Our high quality and versatility make us unmatched by others. We proudly serve our services with much expertise and professionalism over the last many years

Residential glass Repair

Windows plays an aesthetic and functional role in our homes. Windows not only protects us from harmful elements but also provides security. If you are dealing with foggy, broken, or cracked windows, replacing a broken glass door, or fixing any other glass-related issues in your home, we will be here to help.
We specialize in repairing glass windows in Calgary to ensure your home is safe and aesthetic

Quality Glass Replacement Company at affordable rates

Ease your burden and enhance the safety of your residential space with our effective glass repair and replacement Calgary solution. Our services are designed to meet the individual's needs and preferences. With our highly qualified professionals, you can trust that we will always provide reliable solutions and proudly serve services efficiently. Our team of glass specialists will always be available for guidance and to boost your home's safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Residential Glass Repair Prices in Calgary

In Calgary, the cost for glass repair services varies. It typically ranges from $150 to $600, influenced by the complexity of the job and the type of glass required. It's advisable to get quotes from several local service providers to find a competitive price and check reviews to ensure quality service.

What is the cost of repairing glass windows?

The cost of repairing glass windows varies depending on the project's complexity and your chosen material. On average, we charge $100 to $500 per window. Remember that specialized glass, like energy-efficient or tempered windows, may increase costs.

What is the feasible option to replace your window glass?

Here are a few examples for replacing your window glass:

  • If your glass is damaged or cracked
  • If your glass looks foggy
  • If you want more energy-efficient glass
Is it cheaper to replace the glass or the whole window?

Of course, replacing the glass is cheaper than to replace the whole window. It's a cost-effective solution and the best way to restore the functionality and appearance of your window.

What other services do you offer?

We install and replace various residential glass repairs in Calgary. Our services include:

  • Mirror and hardware installation
  • Broken window replacement
  • Solar tinted windows
  • Table tops
  • Glass doors
  • Screen door repairs, etc.